Tour Tzfat – Taste the spirit

Tour Tzfat – Get the Taste

Even if you have toured Tzfat a million times,

this tour will be like nothing you​ have ​ever experienced in Tzfat or anywhere else before.
This tour is not just about sigh
​t seeing or history.
Tzfat has
​ a​lot to offer you.

​Numerous art galleries, beautiful observation points, Interesting historic sites, elevating spiritual experiences and spiritually inspiring people.

Our tour has a very strong emphases on Kabbalah, its historic development and how to​employ ​ the wisdom of Laurian kabbalah in your routine life, in a way that that will improve all areas of your life. Open your gates to peace and love in your family life, and open your channels back to health and prosperity. Get true joy  in your life, which you will not only experience while here, you will take it home​ with you thanks to this tour. because does something to your soul.

The tour combines interesting stories and local music:

Rabbi Carlebach songs, music which was composed by the holy and known Kabbalist, The Ari here 600 years ago & Kleizmer music.

If you wish to be here during the​ famous ​annual Klezmer festival, come around the end of August.Tzfat is surrounded with beautiful hiking & biking routs filled with rivers and water falls.

We have romantic private ​apartment and delicious restaurants. ​ At a​ ​15 minute drive from Rosh Pina and only 30 minutes from Tiberias.​ Tzfat offers the best relaxation and spiritual vacation. 
So, if you want to relax and really go back to your life physically, emotionally & spiritually rejuvenated​,​ I really recommend you come to Tzfat for at least 3 nights.
​B​ut watch​ out​,  you might never want to leave. It is just too good to be true.

The boutique hotels, the food, the sites and most of all
​, ​the people…..

we are happy to recommend and suggest according to your needs

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