Spiritual Program in Israel

learn about the power of your soul and how to connect with your inner powers.

1-6 weeks or a year.

Curriculum :

Kabbalah and it’s relevance to everyday life

Empower the strengths of your soul over the habits which can hurt you.

How to protect your self from emotional pain and avoid social mistakes which hurt your relationships.

What is the purpose of negative people and episodes in my life?

Find peace and joy.

Find out your potential.

Guild feelings – I’m tired of them… what to do?

Find Hashem (G-d)?

Humbleness and arrogance.

what kind of a life you want to have?

Discover what career is suitable for you.

Discover what kind of a relation ship you are looking for.

How to find the love of your life

What kind of marriage you want to build, and how to achieve it?

How to cope in this world with people

How to feed the needs of my soul verses the needs of my body?

what do you really want in life and how to get it?

Discover the mystical depth of the Jewish law.

Experience Shabbat in the highest way.

Learn to meditate

Many more questions of life will be answered on this seminar. Take a break from and come to experience a few weeks which will change your life.

One week &550

2 weeks $800

3 weeks $990

4 weeks $1200

5 weeks $1500

6 weeks $1700

1 year $10.000

accommodations and 2 meals a day included.

scholarships are possible

if you wish to sponsor a friend or help us sponsor a friend you don’t know please contact us at miriam@drori.org or go to our donation page

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