Shavout Night in Tzfat


Spiritual Shavuot night in the spiritual town Tzfat.

21:30 Reach heaven instantly (The 49 steps) – The kabalistic code hacked.


Shavuot, the wedding Night of the people of Isreal with Hashem. love and sexuality in the Jewish world as a tool of spiritual growth and connection to Hashem.


Baruch shelo asani goy (blessed is the one who has not made me a gentile). What meaning and awareness does this blessing bring into my life? Boaz accepted Ruth with the words “Hashem imachem” (G-D is with you).

Do we accept the convert in a patronizing way, or do we learn from them?


R’ Meir Glaser – Receiving the Tora with Reb Nachman and the ‘Maor eynayim’.


Obstacles and prevention’s in our lives – Are they for us or against us?


Imposed the mountain upon them. A fresh introspective on receiving the commandments. The commandments are called “Ol Mitzvot”(a burden). Are they?


Spiritual Tour of Tzfat. Dipping in The holy Aris Mikva,


Recieve the Tora through guided imagery and prepare for the the prayer with meditation.


Shacharit prayer service.

To be hosted by families for meals or sleeping in Tzfat or find payed accommodation call us asap before it’s too late. Or join the congregational meal in the House of love and prayer ($50).

054-8048602 or email

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