Private Kabballah Seminar in Tzefat

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Kabbalah is the deep knowledge of torah, it is composed of the teachings of Jewish holly masters, which where teaching for thousands of years.
many of them lived here in city of Tzfat, that is considered to be the source of Kabbala and modern Jewish mistycism.

  • Rabbi Simon Bar Yochay
  • Rabbi Isac Loria
  • Rabbi Chaim Vital
  • and many more

The teachings of Kabbalah are describing the spiritual composition and creation of the world, but it is not only a spiritual theoretical knowledge, understanding creation will let us see the underling source code embedded in any creation including ourselves. Knowing that will give you tools to know better, and, have tools to cope with day to day challenges

  • Personality issues
  • Love life
  • Productivity at work and home
  • Child education
  • and many more.

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