Parashat Mishpatim

Self Awareness According to the Bible
Go to the Mountain and be there

God invites Moses to come to the mountain, but he asks him to go all the way to the mountain and then he tells him be there. 

One has to go up first to the mountain in order to know there are more tops to strive for. then he knows to start striving.

Mountains are a symbol of climbing. Life, too is all about climbing and moving forward. Going higher in our wisdom and also in practical ways. One of the things which identifies a human they always want to climb higher. If we don’t see it a spiritual way we see it in a financial aspect.

Money in Hebrew comes from the same root as longing. therefore the concept of money is also there to remind us we are longing for more, and not just more money. More love, more knowledge more wisdom, more friends, more respect. Everyone is longing for something. But then it is also very important to be there when you got it.

Some people never enjoy what they got, because they are so busy climbing to the next thing. Some people are are so there, being in the bliss of what they have they are not climbing. But that is wrong too.

We need to climb because we are here to achieve goals, but we are also here to enjoy our achievements.

Sometimes we don’t enjoy our achievements because we are so busy telling ourselves it’s not enough.

So take a look at your life? Are you climbing? What do you want? Spiritually ? Technically? Financially?

And then take a moment to be there, look back on your life enjoy what you got.

Your family, your money, your wisdom, your knowledge.

Even G-d does that once a week. Takes a step back and enjoys what he had done the entire week. So we can too.

The holiness of just being….


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