Parshas Balak

פוסט זה זמין גם ב: אנגלית סינית Czech פינית צרפתית גרמנית איטלקית יפנית נורווגית פורטוגזית פורטוגזית רומנית רוסית ספרדית שוודית


. You know, imagine I am standing before G-d and I say, you know, you have to help me because, you know, look at me, you don’t have a better man than I am. You know what I am doing for you, what I’m doing for Yiddishkeit, I mean really, face it right. I say Ribbono Shel Olam, “Ani B’chasdecha Batachti.” I know I am absolutely undeserving. But that mamesh I trust; you know the Ribbono Shel Olam’s middas chesed, his love is so infinite, so unconditional, so unquestioning. You know, do I, -imagine my little girl would come up to me and ask me a favor. Does she have to tell me stories if she deserves it of not? I love her so much, you know, that even if she be deserving a million times I couldn’t love her more, you know. And I couldn’t love her less if she’s undeserving. It’s a completely different thing. Ok, so Dovid Hamelech says Ani B’chasdecha Batachti, not only I’m asking you, I’m sure your helping me, you know. You know, but why is it by the holy Baal Shem said that to be said is a little bit pagan? Because if I am sad that mean I don’t believe G-d will help me, I’m not so sure. It's pagan, right. It says “V’Ani B’chasdecha Batachti,” right. I know, trust you’ll help me. But then I go one step further. The whole world is rejoicing after G-d helps them but I rejoice even before. King David was already singing and dancing, not after G-d helped him. That everybody else can do, right. But then you don’t have to be Kind David.

But it says Yagel Libi B’shuasecha, -not only my heart is happy, Yagel, you know, Gila means absolutely like, [makes a sound] you know I am blown away you know. I’m blown away because I know that you are helping me. Anyway, I got to sing this song one more time and put a little bit soul into it.

Track 4 Va’ani Bechasdecha

Track 5 passage, Footsteps of Mashiach

I’m going to sing one more little song in honor of my cousin. You know this is my last top melody. I have to tell you this; I don’t know if I told you this. You know there is a passage that says “Mah Navu Al Heharim ragleh mevaser” –how beautiful it is to hear the footsteps of the messiah, of the great messenger on the mountain. You know, imagine I have a business meeting and I want to sell 1000 bottles of Coca Cola. I’m standing there and I’m waiting for this businessman to come. I’m waiting 2000 years. I’m angry and meshuganah what does he thing he is, right. Finally he’s coming, nothing. Imagine I’m waiting for the person I love the most. Waiting, Waiting, Waiting. Suddenly I hear her footsteps. So deep. …You can’t imagine; this is so deep. And you know what happens to me the moment i hear the footsteps. He await's with 2000 years with so much agony but suddenly I forgot that I waited 2000 years and all the agony, all the pain; suddenly everything is so beautiful and I’m thinking gevalt, I’m so glad you waited that long. 1:48

Cause how would I know how much I love you if you wouldn’t have waited that long?

So it says “Mah Navu Al Heharim,” -you know there is beautiful and then there’s, -it's just so divinely beautiful it's beyond beautiful. It says “Mah Navu Al Heharim,” how beautiful it will be, on the mountain, you know on Yerushalayim, “ragleh mevaser,” and we hear the footsteps of the Moshiach coming and the first thing he is doing is “mashmiah shalom,” mamesh we hear the echo of peace. Mevaser tov, Mevaser Shalom Mashmia tov. Suddenly mamesh the moment the Moshiach is coming everything is good. And mevaser yeshua, and mamesh, you know, is the highest salvation there is. Then it says Omer Letziyon Malach ELokayich, you know friends, you know, how much paganism there is in the world, how much paganism? so much, and forget about the world, you know. I don't know about you, I know how pagan I am. And then suddenly, mamesh, omer l’tzion, at that moment mamesh there will be so much holiness I will mamesh know that there is one G-d. Omer l’tzion, hen is bring the message Malach Elokayich, G-d is really the king.

So I need the sweetest harmony, most of you know it anyway.

Track 6 Ma Navu, tune of Yehi Shalom

Track 7 Story of Vezocher

You want to hear the greatest thing in the world? This is a song I didn’t sing for a long time. Anyway, I made it up, -I went to the cemetery where our grandparents mamesh all the way back are buried. And the crazy thing was I jumped on the train, you know, and this melody was going on in my head. And I asked a little German boy, you know, to hold the mic and he was so sweet , he held the mic for one hour, you know. But you know what I thought to myself, look here. Maybe his father or his grandfather killed my uncle's and family… I don’t know. And you know how close we are getting to the coming of the Messiah that this little boy is holding the mic while I am singing “V’zocher Hasdei Avos?” Now listen to this, this is not the end. The craziest thing is that he has a father and a mother, a boy of six doesn’t travel alone, right. So the craziest thing is that his parents were sitting there crying their eyes out, you know.

And the craziest thing is I was in touch with them, -I said I understand you are from Kiev, from the Shtetle in Kiev and they were going from Leubeck to Kiev and I was in touch with them for a long time and they also had a boy of 17 and later on I met them in Holland in the summer and, unbelievable.

Anyway I don’t sing it so good so you have to bare with it….

Track 8 Vezocher chasdei Avos

Track 9 Someone asking question on Bilam

Track 10 Balak and Bilam Parsha

Ok, chevre, let me answer Saadia fast. You see, basically the truth is we have to learn the whole parsha of Balak and Bilaam, you know. You have to know the whole story of what was going on there, you know. But you have to know the deepest depths. What is mostly our problem, all of us? Ok, forget about you, I know my problem. Deep, deep down we thing we can fool G-d a little bit. We can get away with something, right, or we think the accountant there doesn’t write everything down or we think maybe G-d is skipping a few pages or we think maybe G-d is just busy at this moment with traffic on 42 street.

You know, what’s the first thing of a Jew, first thing of a real servant of G-d? I have to know that mamesh G-d is looking at me constantly, right. It's earth shaking, right, and what would I give to get away from God’s eyes for a minute, sometimes, right. It's nerve breaking, right. Now listen to this. Do you know what G-d is doing? G-d says to me listen, you don’t want me to look at you? Ok, I won’t. I won’t. Listen to this.

Imagine I go out on the street and I’m looking for a cab, -right there. I’m coming to LaGuardia, I’m looking for a plane to Chicago, leaving in five minutes. I’m arriving in Chicago, i have to make a reservation in a hotel.

First hotel I saw 1:56, yeh , we have an opening for you. The next morning we have to make a meeting, the person is on the phone waiting for you. You know, sometimes it goes; like, flowing like a river.

Or Imagine I’m going out on the street. My plane is at 8 o’clock, 7 o’clock I need a cab. It's 10 after 7; 20 after 7, no cab. Finally 8 o’clock I have a cab, I missed the flight, right. I’m coming to Chicago 12 o’clock at night. Can’t get a hotel in the whole joint. I don’t know, what should I do? I’m trying to call up people, nobody’s home. I’m lying all night on the airport, the next morning I’m calling up the person I came for. We are supposed to have a meeting. He says, what? Next week, not this week. You know, I’m trying to get back to New York, everything is, -don’t ask, you know. Ok, what’s happening, what’s the first and the second side.

Track 11 Maimonides Principal, Baal Shem, G-d looks at you the way you look at him

So this is one of the very deep principles of the Rambam, of Maimonides, which is accepted by the holy Baal Shem, and all the great Kabbalists: That G-d looks at you the way you look at him. If I look at G-d constantly then G-d always has his eyes open also at me, right. And everything goes, -I walk down the street, I have a cab, everything goes like a river. But if I say G-d, you know G-d, leave me, I’m a little bit uncomfortable; can you look away. G-d says ok, do your own thing. Get along without me. I’m standing like a dope and I’m waiting for one hour for a cab. Everything goes wrong, I can’t do without G-d, right. I can but G-d is not taking care of it, right.

And you know, by Reb Nachman this is one of the deep, deep principles; there is such a thing as my life is in order and my life is absolute chaos. You know, what is the greatest light in the world. The greatest light in the world is when G-d’s light is shining in front of me, right. Mamesh it's clear to me that there is one G-d. Now, let's go one step further.

Why don’t I want G-d to look at me all the time? Because I really don’t want to do what G-d wants me to do,, right. Let’s face it; I really want to do my own thing, right. And you know, you know what it is? This is even the deepest depths. I’m not so much uncomfortable before I did the wrong thing. I want to do it; I say to G-d I’m sorry, today I am not so good, I want to do something wrong. I don’t want to G-d to look at me after. 1:48 After I don’t want him to look at me. I say please G-d, you don’t look at me I’m not looking at you, right. I can’t stand it.

Imagine if you did something wrong to your best friend. You want them to look at you all the time? You don’t want to, right. You don’t want to see them. So the Zohar Hakadosh says after we do something wrong we don’t want G-d to look at us. G-d says ok, I won’t look at you. But what happens when I do tshuvah. I say please G-d, I cannot manage without you, you know. I can’t manage. My life is absolute chaos.

See, Balaam, -it was like this. Balaam, he knew there was one G-d only G-d, -you know something, in G-d knowledge he had the same knowledge as Moshe Rabbeinu but you know what the difference was? He didn’t want G-d to look at him all the time.

You know, Balaam was the most perverted character in the world. He was living with his donkey, he was mamesh the lowest pervert and he believed in killing and stealing; he didn’t hesitate to kill a few people. He didn’t hesitate stealing, it didn’t bother him. He would do anything in the world. And why did he want to curse the Jews? Because, because Balak was paying him. He would do anything for money, right, but he also wants to cash in on his G-d knowledge. He says, I’m a G-d man, I know all about G-d, you know. I’m a top Guru, you know.

So, you know, so G-d treated him back. G-d says to him who are the people, I don’t know who they are, who are the people there, right. Because Balak didn’t want G-d to look at him all the time, you know. It's not that G-d came in the middle of the night and says I don’t know who the people, you know, I don’t know everything about you, you know. Or he says there are some people that want me to go and curse the Jews. G-d says, very interesting, you know, but I would appreciate if you do what I want to do, you know. You know, like winking with one eye, you know.

You can really do what you want to, you know, but let's see, you know. So he says, ahh, G-d is stupid. G-d doesn’t look all the time. I’ll do my own thing and I’ll tell G-d something else. You see what t is; I don’t want to go into the whole book of…

Track 12 Book of Bamidbar

And here, I want you to know. This whole book of Bamidbar, we were learning it is so deep, is so deep. You know you can do everything right, -take between people, you know. Maybe I told you once, I met this girl and I love her the most, right. And I say to her I want you to marry me. She says. Why should I marry you? I say because I’ll do everything you want me to do. How exciting right. She says, I’m sorry. It doesn’t turn me on. It doesn’t turn you on? Well I say, what do you mean? I’ll do anything you tell me to!

It’s got to be deeper than that, right.

You know something. I’ll tell G-d, I’ll do anything you want me to do and I’m still off. It takes something deeper than that. You know, just, -you think the highest you can offer G-d is holiness? You think the highest you can offer G-d is to do everything right? Because it’s possible to do everything right and still be off. If you follow the portions of the week we learned about Aaron, Miriam, -even Moshe. Last Shabbos we read even Moshe can make a mistake. It's possible. Because we are just human beings. It's possible. But you know something… you think because you made one mistake you are off? You are still Moshe Rabbeinu, right. You know, when I am very close to somebody, -closeness does not depend on how much they are doing my will. I’d like you to do what I want you to do…

Track 13 Korach, Aaron, high priest

But it's possible Korach did everything right in his whole life. He never made one aveirah because if he would have ever done one wrong thing he wouldn’t have the chutzpah to say I want to be the high priest, right. Korach. Can you imagine, He never did one wrong thing in his whole life and he was off and the earth wanted to swallow him up?

Do you know Aaron made the golden calf and he was the high priest? Why did he make the golden calf? Because he saw they were doing it, he said, let me do it. And if someone does wrong let me do it for them, right. Everybody is ready to go to heaven, are you ready to go to hell for somebody?

Aaron, without getting involved in the whole story, – Aaron made the golden calf, in order to take the sin off all of Israel. G-d says ahh, you are ready to go to hell for somebody. You are ready to do wrong for somebody else, you really love them that much. You’re the high priest.

Track 14 Bilam

Now we come to Bilaam, right. Bilaam has all the god knowledge there is. He doesn’t know anything about G-d. He doesn’t know anything about G-d.

You know I can 15 books on theology, be a preacher for G-d from here until Moshiach is coming and I don’t know the lowest thing about G-d.

Bilaam does not know anything about the Ribbono Shel Olam. And he has, he has clear prophecy. He sees from one corner of the world to the other. And it's nothing. Do you think I am turned on by somebody who tells me I have visions, perform miracles? Damn your miracles. Do you think I am turned on by miracles? So you perform miracles, maze tov. [some laughter] Who cares? Do you think I am a Jew because I saw some miracles? I am a Jew because I heard G-d’s voice. G-d spoke to me directly and said I am the Lord your G-d. Listen to this….

Track 15 Shlomo in yeshiva story

You know, I think I told you once when I was; I just came out from Yeshiva, you know. While I was in yeshiva I was absolutely not in this world. It means I had nothing to do with the world, you know. I was learning in Lakewood for six years and you know, like for me to go to New York was like going from Paradise to hell, you know. Do you know I would be up all night before to give myself strength? I would come in in the morning and do my thing and come back the same night and be up all night a night later after that learning to make up for the time and I was mamesh, you know, like, -ok. Then my father had a heart attack and I had to be in New York so I thought, this is my chance; I want to see what the world is doing. And I did something stupid, you know, but I did it. I got myself a paper from Rav Aaron, you know, that I’m, like, have a good head, and I went to Columbia and the woman there, -by the way she was the head of the league for the Arab refugees, you know, she’s the biggest Anti-Semite in the world, but you know every anti-Semite likes one Jew, you know, have you ever noticed that? Anyway, I was her Jew; you know, to make up for all her sins, you know. She liked me, and she put me right in the graduate school, you know, cause I didn’t –anyway, it's stupid. Ok, I’m in another world, it was unbelievable. You know, it was, ..anyway.

It was the summer session. The summer session you are much more closer to people thatn in the winter. I learned a lot. Anyway, one day I am walking into the Jewish students society, whatever it's called there, -how’s it called, Menorah or Hillel or something. No, Columbia University it's not Hillel, Menorah or something. This is -the first time I walked in there and the first time I meet those kind of kids, the so-called intellectuals the kind that don’t know exactly what a Jew is all about, but. And this Reformed Rabbi gives the biggest speech ever since the creation of the world. He says I’m just coming back from Cincinnati, -and you have to realize today I’m, -like -a little bit -not, -I wouldn’t say, more open but, ok, I’m not putting my syrup on this rabbi. That time I came out from the yeshiva, I was burning up, I knew what a Jew was supposed to be, right. and this reform rabbi, he says; I’m coming back home from a convention and the theme was G-d. I mean it blows your mind, right. He said there were 923 rabbis discussing G-d. [laughter in the back]

Ok, now listen to this. He mentioned Nietche, he mentioned Kant, he mentioned Hegel, he mentioned the Readers Digest [laughter in the back] and he also mentioned Psychology today let's say and also Playboy, the last page, -don’t take me wrong. And, [laughter] -chas v’shalom, he’s a rabbi, right. And what else…what else, -that’s it. And they discussed a mature concept of G-d that we Jews have such an immature concept of G-d, meaning the religious Jews have an immature concept of G-d and the Reform Rabbis got together and they want to get a real mature concept.

I’m burning up there. Am I supposed to jump at the throat, am I supposed to knock him off, am I supposed to take some cold water and pour it over his head, I didn’t know what to do but in the mean time I didn’t do anything.

This rabbi there, rabbi Hoffman saw me for the first time and everybody was talking and talking and I just, I was afraid to open my mouth because if I was to open my mouth I have to knock him off. I didn’t say anything but he must have sensed –later on we became good friends. He was like a super reformed rabbi but he was a sweet Yiddele, you know.

Anyway, he says, I see for the first time a young rabbi here. He says are you studying to be a rabbi. I says yes I am student in the Lakewood Yeshiva studying to be a rabbi. He says, it would be very interesting, he says, you know, it would be very exciting – a reform rabbi and a future Orthodox rabbi, you know.

I said to him; listen brother I’m afraid it would be more exciting than you would like it to be. I says, you know –I asked the reform rabbi, what’s your name. Rabbi Cohen, let's say rabbi Cohen, you know. I says, before i even begin to talk you have to promise me that you forgive me for whatever I say and I mean it. He says, it's ok, I forgive you. I says, y friend, would you be very, very angry if I called you Mr. Cohen and not Rabbi cause your not a rabbi. You’re not a teacher. Maybe you’re a good man but you can talk about G-d to us Jews and not say one great Jew who thought about G-d; only Hegel Niche, Kant! I says, it just so happens that I know about Yiddishkeit on my own but imagine I am a student and I am coming in to hear something about Judaism and all you have to give me is Nietche! If I want to hear Nietche I go to a philosophy class. Oh, I forgot one thing. He mentioned Rabbi Akiba and he laughed. I said, listen brother, you are laughing at Rabbi Akiba? Are you out of your head! I’m sure you can’t even read Hebrew properly. You can’t read one page in the Talmud. Who are you! I said you are nothing. I said gevalt are you off. I said I tell you something. You better go home and pour out your heart before G-d that G-d should enlighten you what G-d is all about. I says do you think I’m impressed because 923 rabbis, whatever you call yourselves, talking about G-d! You should be afraid to take the word G-d in your dirty mouth. I says, I tell you something. I have very good advice for you. You better go to Mea Sharim when you go to Israel and the first little boy with long peyis may not be your type of a Jewish boy but he looks like our forefathers. He looks like a real Jew; he looks like a Jew of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And he’s 3 years old; he has no PHD. He never went to Columbia University and you’ll ask him what is G-d, and this little boy will close his eyes, he’ll put his hand over his eyes and he will yell from one corner of the world to the other: Shema Yisroel Hashem Elokeynu Hashem Echad. G-d is one.

And I swear to you this little boy knows more about G-d than you and all the 923 rabbis.

It so happens that was my first public speech after I come out from yeshiva. I want you to know first of all, I had a standing ovation.

Do you know something? Listen to this. After my speech was over I walked up to the rabbi and I kissed him, you know. Do you know he broke down crying? He started yelling at the top of his lungs Shema Yisroel Hashem Elokeynu Hashem Echad. You know, I really touched him. He says, Shlomo, I want you to know, all the talk I gave is not for real. Inside I’m burning up, you know. It's one of those, unbelievable, you know. But you see, this is Moshe Rabbeinu’s kind of a Jew, you know.

Track 16 Bilam talking about G-d

Bilaam is talking about G-d but he will not break down when someone says Shema Yisroel Hashem Elokeynu Hashem Echad, right. Bilaam is fooling G-d all the time. Bilaam knows that God has chosen the Jews, right. Bilaam thinks G-d is senile, can talk him out of it, right. Bilaam says to G-d, listen G-d, why do you need the Jews. Why don’t you rather have 70, you know, -instead of one alter let me make 70 alters and I can get you all the whole pagan world to serve you. But you know how pagans want to serve G-d? They don’t want G-d to look all the time, right. They don’t want G-d to look at them all the time. And you see the whole portion of Bilaam is so deep, and Balak, you know. Fooling G-d all the time. And I have to tell you something very, very deep. The Talmud says Moshe Rabbeinu wrote the Torah and the portion of Balak, isn’t that unbelievable. So everybody said, what’s Balak better than the whole Torah, right?

Ok, it has millions of meanings. But now I want you to know the deepest, deepest depths. You know what Balak is all about? If Moshe Rabbeinu would have not written it down. He wouldn’t even know it existed, right. You know, whenever we Jews have trouble, Pharaoh, Edom, all those people who turned against us, we knew about it, right. Balak, nobody knew about it, right. Balak and Bilaam, Balak says to Bilaam, lets go –we don’t know about it. You know how deep this is? There is some danger in the world, there’s something in the world, you’ll never be aware of it.

But gevalt is it strong. There is something and you’ll never know about it! And it can turn you off completely from G-d.

Track 17 Bilam con’t

But gevalt is it strong. There is something in the world, you’ll never know about it and it can turn you off completely from G-d. And it turns you off so much that you think you’re still a servant of G-d, you’re filled with God knowledge and you’re still the lowest Pagan in the world, right. Ok, none of us will take a piece of wood and bow down before it but everyone of us, -it's so easy, so easy to fool G-d, right. Gevalt is it easy, gevalt is it easy. I don’t know about I you, I know just me, you know. It’s so easy. I can walk around and still; -listen I’m a good Jew, right. I have a yarmulke, I wear tzitzit, i put on tefilin but I can be the lowest Bilaam, right. The lowest Bilaam. You know something; you know how much evil we talk about other people. You know why? They’ll never know I said it, right. You know what that means? It’s Paganism, right. I wouldn’t say bad things when the person is looking, right but he’s not looking, right. This whole, -everything is not looking, right. And even the way we talk to other people and we think we fool them. Why is G-d truth, right? Not fooling, right. You know how hard it is to get out of not fooling people, not fooling yourself.

Gevalt is that heavy, right. So Moshe Rabbeinu, wrote down the whole Torah and Moshe Rabbeinu also wrote down the parsha of Balak and Bilaam to cleanse ourselves, to cleanse, -because why do I need to, why do I need to know about Balak and Bilaam? To cleanse myself. Mamesh to cleanse myself, you know, and this is mamesh gevalt is it deep, you know. And I’ll tell you something, when it comes to learning, do you know how much you can fool yourself to think that you understand what you know? And how beautiful it is that it’s clear to you that I really don’t know it yet? Just got to learn it. Do you know when people talk to each other; ahh yah I understand what you are saying. I don’t know what you are saying but who cares, right. I’m a pagan.

You know friends; obviously it's clear to you that there is such a thing as paganism because between me and G-d, right; there’s also pagan relationship, right. Pagan means I can fool you. You don’t look. I don’t want you to look at me all the time. I don’t want you to know everything I’m doing, right. You know, imagine if people could relate to each other on a none pagan level. How deep it would be, right. How deep it would be between people. You see like Moshe, Moshe did wrong also but did he for one second stop to look at G-d, G-d look at him. You can do wrong sometimes, you know, …..

Track 18 Ishbitz, adam Hid from Hashem

It’s very clear in the Ishbit'ser, why was Adam driven out from paradise? Not because he ate the wrong food, because he was hiding from G-d. Why were you hiding? You don’t trust me enough to tell me you did wrong? You know, if Adam would have eaten the forbidden fruit and then he would say to G-d you know I’m sorry; G-d says I know you’re a human being; I never expected anything else of you. You only learn by mistakes. You know, the gemara says Ein Adam Omed Al Divrei Torah ELa Im Ken Nichshal Bah. The deepest knowledge comes from mistakes. You don’t learn until you make mistakes. So it’s good; it's ok; it's 100% ok. But why are you hiding?

Track 19 Yom Kippur, Succos, Simchas Torah, Parents, Children

You know what’s so special about Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur is one time when I realize, -let me ask you something. I have to tell G-d my mistakes? He doesn’t know? But you know what the deepest depths is? Like I’m turning the clock back. And I say to G-d you know something? Let’s say I did something wrong on Sunday July 5th and I didn’t want you to look. Can you please look now when I did it? Turning, I’m saying Ribbono Shel Olam please look at me doing wrong. Don’t take your eyes off me. Don’t take your eyes of me. And if G-d doesn’t take off his eyes there is no problem forgiving, right. There’s no problem. And you know, Succos comes from the word to look: Socheh Beyofo. The whole thing is I’m saying Ribbono Shel Olam not only do I want you to look at me sometimes, I want to sit for eight days and I want you to look at me the whole time.

And you know something, the deepest depths, this is mamesh deep. When do we stop being close to our parents. The same thing. When we don’t want them to know what we are doing. I don’t want you to look at me all the time. I’m ready to tell you a few crummy things I’m doing. I don’t want you to know everything I’m doing. You know what happens to us in the Succah? Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and the four mothers all come back to the Succah because mamesh they want to look at each other the whole time. Imagine if we could keep up a relationship with our parents that we could mamesh want to look at each other the whole time. How deep, you know. Deep is not the world. Earthshaking. Earthshaking.

And after that we take out the Torah and you know how deep it is. You know when somebody looks at you and you look at them you don’t have to talk so much. You could sit there and look at each other for 400 years, right. You know why I have to learn the Torah, all the words only because from time to time I don’t want G-d to look at me. On Simchas Torah after sitting in the Succah for seven days I’m not even opening the torah. I’m just dancing with the Torah, right. Cause I just have to look at the Torah and the Torah looks at me, right. And again. Have you ever seen the way children look at you? So deep, right. So holy, right.

Do you know sometimes Dari wakes me up in the middle of the night and she says to me dada, you know she’s so cute, she goes and she wakes me up in the cutest way and she says dada, I don’t want you to sleep. I say what do you want me to do?

She says I just want you to look at me. Isn’t that sweet, you know. I says you want to sleep and I should sit here and look at you? And she says yeah daddy and she’s already a sleep. Such precious moments, you know. Unbelievable, right. Unbelievable.

Track 20 Hashem Destroyed the holy Temple

You see what happened when we destroyed the holy Temple, when G-d destroyed the holy Temple. Here I want you to open your hearts in a deep way. Can I sit in the middle of the street and look at the girl I love the most? There’s traffic, right. Listen; if I want to look at her without stopping I have to take her to the house, right.

You know what it means we are driven out from G-d’s house we are living on the street? You can’t look at each other all the time, right. Be realistic, right. In the holy Temple we looked at each other the whole time.

And; I don’t know if I’ll see before Tisha B’Av but I just want you to know one thing. This is the deepest depths. Imagine this girl; I loved her the most right; suddenly we had a fight; we don’t look at each other anymore. How am I going to fix it? So listen to this. You got to open your hearts in the deepest way. I said to her listen to me. I wish you could look at me all the time but I don’t know where you are but whenever you want to look at me here’s the key to my house, you can come in anytime. I’m always ready for you to look at me.

Do you know what happened the last second when the holy Temple was destroyed? I don’t know if you remember it, I told it to you 100 times. All the young priest got together and; you know there was a balcony in the holy Temple. The Holy Temple was already burning but they didn’t leave the holy Temple, they were standing on the balcony and the high priest was with them and the high priest had the key to the holy Temple. And mamesh at the very, very last second before his balcony just fell in he said G-d we are guarding your holy Temple till the very last second.

From now on you have to guard it. And he threw the key up to heaven and they saw a hand coming from heaven taking the key.

You see, this is so deep, so deep, so deep, so deep; and you know I always tell people that the mezuzah is like throwing up the key to G-d, you know, at the door. G-d, I’m giving you the keys to my house, you know. You know what the deepest depth is? Are you doing for G-d that what you are doing for G-d? You know, a lot of people have anger in their hearts, right. So what do they do? Suddenly they get angry at all the people who are bad. They do it for G-d, right? No, they do it because they like to yell, right. What about the crusaders? They were really so concerned about the pagan world? No, they want to kill, blame it on G-d, right.

Track 21 Bilaam

Bilaam wants to kill, right, he wants to curse; I’m doing it for G-d, right. I’m a prophet and you know what he did. He was looking for something bad about the Jews, if you remember the story. He was looking for something bad and he can’t see it. Bilaam was so holy when he sees the Jews doing something wrong he can’t bare it, right. . . .

…So you see what it is. This Shabbos is such a soul cleaner, such a deep cleaner, you know. If you yell because you do something wrong just look at yourself. Are you yelling really just for the sake of G-d or are you like Bilaam who wants to curse. And this cuts right through the heart, three quarters of the Jewish establishment, right.

I don’t want to say anything bad, you know, but, -we you know those people, you know. And again, you know, like. You know when you meet those non-Bilaam people, those non-pagan people it’s so beautiful, you talk to them straight, they talk to you straight. And when you meet those Bilaam people, everything is perverted, right. Everything is perverted, nothing is straight, right. Everything is, while I am looking at you, don’t look at me, right. While I’m telling you the truth just remember I am lying, right.

Track 22 Shomer Yisroel

Track 23 Mizmor Ledavid

[sings] “Mizmor l’Dovid”….[blesses Shalom, who helped his mother]


You know sometimes you meet a person and I ask what’s your name and they say, why do you ask? I say, why not. Tell me.

Ok. My name is Max.

Where do you live?

Why do you ask?

Why not? I want you to visit me sometimes.

Ok, it takes him a half a year to write down their address and I say to them: I’m not going to send you a telegram, what’s your phone?

Why do you ask!

What do you think I’ll do with your phone number? Sell it? Well, you know what their problem is? Pagan perversion, right. Pagan perversion.

So you meet a person, everything is so 1:49 straight, so sweet, and again; you know the acid test to you know if it it's straight is how do children react. That’s the acid test because children don’t know how to lie, right. You ask a child what’s your name they’ll tell you, right? No, because they are ashamed to tell you is something else, you know, right. But not because they don’t want to tell you, right.

Like Dari doesn’t want to tell her name because she doesn’t know yet how to; she thinks maybe I don’t say it right. So I say, Dari, should I tell it for you? She says, yes, you know, she wants people to know her name, you know but she doesn’t yet have the courage to say it on her own, you know. Something else, you know, it's not pagan, you know, it's just those little angels that didn’t make it to the world yet.


[continues singing] the Lord is my shepherd….

Track 24 Talk Soft, Talk loud, Bilam

Let m tell you something. How do you know how much you love somebody, you know? A very simple way. If you look at each other straight, you love each other, right. It's such a deep thing, it's so deep, so deep. It's like I’m relating to you on a non-pagan level. Cause paganism is not true, you know. It just doesn’t exist, right. It’s just an illusion.

And I want to tell you something; I travel all over the world, I'm sure you too. And I’m invited into people’s homes. You don’t even have to watch the way they talk to each other. The husband walks through the door, the way they say hello to each other. Do they look at each other one-second longer?

I have another thing, which is very important to me. You know, when a husband and wife say hello to each other do they 0:59 talk soft or do they talk loud. When they talk loud nothing between them, right. No secret. When they talk soft, it's beautiful, right.

You know what the difference is? G-d want us, -do you know the high priest in the holy of holies, how much noise he made? How much noise did he make? Even then angles couldn’t hear anything. And Bilaam, you know when he built those alters before G-d and he was yelling at the top of his lungs like a wild ox, there’s a Midrash G-d says don’t talk so loud; what are you talking so loud to me.

But it’s the same thing, you know. So what it is; if I look at somebody, they are close to each other we whisper, right, but when I want you to look at me and we are far away; I got to yell, right.

Bilaam is yelling at G-d all the time.

Moshe Rabbeinu, you know, you know what the Medrash says when Moshe Rabbeinu was talking to G-d it was so soft, so soft…

Track 25 Shlomo Saying Kadesh for his mother

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