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Tzfat (Safed) is a mystical town.

Every corner here witnessed a miracle. Every stone has a fascinating story to tell. For hundreds of years, in the cold, long winter nights, the elders were telling those stories to the young, connecting them to the tradition of their forefathers.

It is one of the only places where the history and its stories are bridged by father to son story telling for the last 2000 years, since the Jews have never been expelled from here.

We will walk through history from Biblical times. We will visit the cave which was the spiritual center of Shem –  the son of Noah,  the place where later our forefather Abraham wrote the first Kabbalah book called the sefer “Sefer Hayetzirah”, and then our forefather Jacob and some other famous students learned.

We will see the synagogue of Rabbi Yosef Karo who wrote the main book of the Halacha (Jewish law) and see an ancient library which dates hundreds of years back.

Then we will leap to the times and the streets where the great Kabalists walked everyday. Yes, those streets still exist from 500 years ago.

We will visit the synagogue of the Ari( Rabbi Luria) where we will learn about his special healing powers, how he received them and how we can use them as well in our lives.

We will move closer to our times, will see the awakening of Zionism 200 years ago. And we'll visit the only synagogue which survived the earthquake which killed thousand of people but none of the people who embraced the holy ark.

The crusaders citadel – the only citadel which had never been captured in battle until 30  IDF soldiers captured it miraculously  in 1948.

Furthermore we will enjoy art galleries, jewelry shops, pita with chumus, local wines and cheeses. a doll museum, will meet local artists and kabalists for art and kabbalah and Jewish meditation workshops.





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