Spiritual Understanding of Seder Night Tradition

Connecting to G-d through the rituals of the Seder


King Solomon said “better to have a vegetable meal with love then to be stuffed on a good meal with out love”

Vegetables symbolizes what G-D is giving us with love, by his choice. There for it symbolizes our serving him with love and choice.On Pesach we feel G-d’s unconditional love and we regain our unconditional love to G-d.

Therefor when we eat Maror we should have our intention and meditation focus on asking G-d we should serve him with love and by choice which is above choice. The same way we love some people in our lives beyond choice.

It is sometimes hard to leave the pleasures of this world, as eating meat- stands for, so when we eat the maror we connect to that spiritual place which helps us connect to the pleasure of serving G-d rather then the worldly pleasures.

There is a story about the Baal shem tov, when once he was told from heaven his Olam haba will be taken away. He then, started rejoicing, telling the person who was next to him, That now, thank g-d he can serve G-d just for the serving, without thinking he will get something out of it.


The Charoset looks like building material we were building the pyramids from, so the external explanation is we eat it to remind us of the hard work we were in slaved with, but on a deeper level it is to remind us we were in slaved to worldly pleasures. Because as much as we were slaves and we didn’t have freedom, we still had some of the goods Egypt had to offer us. So , on a deep level it symbolizes the extant to which we were deeply in slaved by our own inside slavery, not being able to really want to leave. Just like a prisoner who sometime gets so used to gale they don’t want to leave. The familiar situation becomes sort of comfortable, rather then move on the the unknown and trust G-d it will all work out.

It says that in the beginning they were serving g-d on an inside level, they had the fragrance of life,

even though they didn’t have the Torah they had Abraham’s covenant with G-d to follow. But they lost the covenant and became in slaved to the outside circumstances of the local comfort. So G-d had to overwhelm us with pain, so that we will really want to leave.

The spiritual parallel to that is , since in the beginning our serving Hashem was on intuition, inside level, meaning we knew and felt and smelled that living a spiritual and emotional healthy life is more precious the physically comfortable lives. But then that understanding was cut off, that covenant (inside connection with G-d) that Abraham had was cut off. We chose a life of physical comfort rather then spiritual freedom and emotional health. Same thing in our lives today, we need to choose, a simple vegetable meal or stuffing our selves and missing the dwelling of G-d in our lives.

Of course, sometimes G-d gives it all to one. But we need to ask our selves would I give everything away to have G-d in my life? And when the test comes, do I feel G-d ? Do I pray only for my needs or also for the closeness of hashem? Am I willing to be on the border? How much do I want G-d in my life, and how much am I willing to settle for the G-d of money and physical comfort? Or do I want more then that? Do I want the closness of hashem with me all the time?

It say, this is the ultimate battle between Yacov avinu and Esav. Yacov wanted the spiritual so he also had the physical, he had it all. Esav wanted only the physical so in the end he lost the soup and the spirit. In the end he had nothing.

May we go for the spirit and may you have it all.

All my love and blessings to all of you and our loved ones,

may we remember all those in different pains.

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Chag sameach….

Love , Mirale & Yacov Drori

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