Shabbat Prayer times at the House of Love & Prayer

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Tzfat is known not only as the origin of ARI Kabbalah, it is the origin of the Kabbalat Shabbat costum, the widely spread welcoming of shabbat with chanting and singing Psalms. In a matter of fact, many of the songs we sing, originated in Tzfat, like Lecha Dody, and Yedid Nefesh. Poems that where written by the disciples of the holy ARI.

We at the house of love & prayer are welcoming shabbat on the amazing porch. looking at Mt. Meron, Chanting the amazing Kabbalistic songs and meditating. Pulling Energy of Strength from the Holly well of Shabbat towards our daily life, until next Shabbat will come.


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The Carlebach Minyan


Mincha: 20 Min. before candle lighting

Kabbalat Shabbat: candle Lighting


Shacharit: 8:30

Mincha: 2 hrs before Shabbat end.

3rd Meal

Arvit: Shabbat End

Musical Havdalla Carlebach Tunes

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