Reserve a Seat for High Holidays(rosh hashana & yom Kipur)

The davening (prayer service) in the House of love and prayer is a spiritual experience which will change your all perspective of what prayer and spirituality is. It will give you strength to cope with life and get closer to Hashem (G-D).

If you wish to come or sponsor someone who can’t afford it, please choose one of the following options.

HLP Friend one Holiday $25

HLP Silver Friend one Holiday $100

HLP Golden Friend $200

HLP Pearl friend – The all month $400

HLP Diamond Friend – the all month $1000

In the HLP we open our doors and hearts to many congregates in Tzfat who can’t pay their membership. a fact which makes it very difficult to sustain the shul. please help us keep our doors open. If you can not come, please sponsor the seat for someone who can’t afford it. your donations also help us feed families in need in the community. May you have a blissful & divinely connected holiday and a great successful year.
To register or participate in helping others please click the “donate” button and send a message what you would like your donation to be used for. how many seats you would need or sponsoring a seat or a meal for others.

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