Pesach (Passover) programs 2016

Pesach (passover) 2016 April 22sd

Join us for a traditional public Seder night, the celebration of of our spiritual redemption, at the House of Love and Prayer. The Carlebach Seder in Safed: Lots of Singing, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach teachings and Torahs, Special Gourmet food, With Mirale and Yacov Drori and many Friends.  At the House of Love and Prayer (the Carlebach Synagogue), Call or text Mirale at 972-54-8048602 or email

Second Seder April 23rd.

We organise a special seder and prayer service for chutz laaretz residents.

For more details and coordination please email us

If you prefer to eat healthy kosher and yummy food in your Tzimmer check out our catering service

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