Ki Tetze כי תצא

Reb Shlomo Carlebach speaking:
You know my beautiful friends, just to make 100% sure, I’m
sure you do know. This is the nusach of Rosh Hoshanah and Yom Kippur. This is
the way we are chanting our prayers on Rosh Hoshanah and Yom Kippur. Let me
tell you the story. You know the prayer says, “Let the whole world know that
there is one G-d. Let the whole world know that He created them. And let the
whole world know that the G-d of Israel is the King of the World.” So I need
mamash the softest harmony, just hold onto my last note all the time.
It’s a beautiful story. The Chiddushei HaRim, the old Gerer Rebbe, before
Rosh Hoshanah, received a letter from one of the Chassidim, and this is what he
said, “Heilage Zeisa Rebbe, my Holy Master, please let me know… please tell
me… please enlighten me… Which is the most important prayer of Rosh Hoshana
and Yom Kippur, the High Holidays? The Chiddushe HaRim answered him back and
this is what he said, “I want you to know, I want you to know, I receive so
many letters that I could never answer them. But I hasten to answer your letter,
because your letter was wet with tears, when I received it. So I hasten to
answer you.” And he says, “Please do know that every prayer, every prayer is
important. Every prayer reaches heaven. And the heavens are open. But I want
you to know, I want you to know, when it comes to this prayer, I want you to
concentrate, with the deepest, deepest depths of your heart, of your soul, of
everything you have. Because this is all there is to Rosh Hoshana. This is
what we are praying for on the first day of the year, and the last day of the
last year. …’ “Veyedah kol pa-ul ki Atah p’alto. And every
creation will know that You created him. To know that there is one G-d. Let
the whole world know. Let the whole world know.

Reb Nachman says, the Heilage Reb Nachman says, you know why people hate
each other? Because deep, deep, deep down they don’t really believe that G-d
created them. And they hate each other. If it would be clear to them that
there is only one G-d, and G-d created them, they’d love each other.
I want to tell you something. It’s not a commercial. I just remembered, I
have this on a record, some of you know I made this with Neal Siedel, I don’t
know if some of you know him. Neal Siedel is one of the absolutely greatest
guitar players. You know when Segovia came to America… Segovia, gevaldt, he
was already old, it was really the last time he came in his life to America. So
he sent letters to all the universities that he wants fourteen students for the
summer. They interviewed thousands. And out of the thousands, they collected
fourteen. And then when he came, he said out of the fourteen, I want to take
seven. And Neal was one of the seven. Gevaldt, right. Not from this world.
Anyway, so we made a record, and the person who wrote the harmony, so to speak,
is a non-Jewish brother and he really put his whole heart into it. And I had
just came back from Eretz Yisrael, so I had no idea what he was planning, and I
just left it completely in Neal’s hands. I arrived in Los Angeles and it was
just so beautiful. So we are coming there and he has one of the absolutely…
the best choir in Los Angeles. They were also not Jewish, that’s OK with me. So
here I am explaining to them the words, right. Gevaldt, “The whole world should
know there is One G-d.” And they were mamash very, very holy people. And they
said, “How do you want to harmonize?” I said, “Do me a favor, let’s forget the
notes.” I want you to know, I began singing it, like I’m singing with you
now… and it was so good. And then I started telling the story and the floor
was wet with tears. And then Neal’s wife came up to me, into the room and she
said, “If you don’t know what’s happening in here, all the people crying there.”
And then Neal says, “Should we do it one more time?” When we do a song, we do
it a few times. Everybody said, “No, this is a one time shot.” If you listen
back to the record, just thinking about it, the first time they heard the song,
and the way they just let loose, from the deepest depths of their
hearts. I mean everybody knows that the nusach of Rosh Hoshana and Yom Kippur,
the way we are chanting the prayers is mamash from the Holy Temple. It’s just so
beautiful. All year long, I’m waiting for it. Give me harmony. (Singing)
beautiful friends, I had a flash. You know, there’s a gevaldt story. The
Heilage Rebbe Reb EliMelech, it was about 180 years ago. The Holy Rebbe Reb
EliMelech, you know a few minutes before Shabbos, there he was, suddenly the
door opens and a Polish fisherman walks in with a big fish in his hand, and he
says in Polish to the Rebbe, “Do you need a fish for Shabbos?” He didn’t even
look up. “You’re asking me? Ask the Rebbbetsin. Go to the kitchen.” He goes
to the kitchen, the Rebbetsin says, “Now, ten minutes before Shabbos?” She
says, “Next Friday, come earlier, I’ll buy the fish from you. Now everything
is cooked…” He goes back to Reb EliMelech, and he says in Polish, “The
Rebbetsin says everything is cooked for Shabbos.” So Reb EliMelech says, “So
what do you want?” So he says, “Why don’t you buy the fish for the Feast of
King David?” Suddenly Rebbe Reb EliMelech lifted up his eyes and said, “Oy, why
didn’t you say so? Why d
idn’t you tell me that it’s you, my holy grandfather?” So he says, “Heilage
Zeidie, Holy Grandfather, I know you are angry with me. Because I am
celebrating with the Chassidim only the three meals of Shabbos, but the fourth
meal, the Feast of King David, Saturday night, I’m always eating by myself.”
But he says, “G-d is my witness, after the Third Meal, I’m putting so much heart
into it, I just don’t have strength anymore.” But he says, “I swear to you,
that my children and grandchildren, until the Messiah is coming, will always
celebrate the Feast of King David with alot of people.” So King David says,
“For that I promise you, whenever your children or grandchildren will sit by the
Feast of King David, I will be there.”
Anyway I want you to know, that I had the privilege that the Bobover
Rebbe… The Bobover Rebbe was the first Rebbe to come over from the camps. He
came in ’47. The first few weeks I didn’t have enough guts to write everything
down. Unbelievable stories. But one of the things he told us, he was caught by
the Nazis, 127 times. He was dressed like a Polish officer. And he smuggled
out children from the concentration camps. And I remember the first Bar Mitsva
in Bobov was a little boy who he smuggled out, when the little baby was two days
old. And the Rebbe mamash was crying so much. “I carried you out. Did I ever
dare dream that I would be at your Bar Mitsva.” But anyway to make it very
short, the Rebbe was caught 127 times. And each time he had a little piece of
gold in his shoes, so he would always bribe the Nazis, and they would let him
go. By the 127th time he had nothing. So you know, the Gemora says, when
something goes wrong, make a little vow. So mamash he says, “Ribbono shel Olam,
I make
a vow. I’ll always eat the Feast of King David with alot of people.” At
that moment, another Nazi came up, and he says to the first Nazi, “Do you have a
match? I want to smoke a cigarette.” He put his gun on the wall… In the
meantime, the Bobover Rebbe took off. Eliyahu Navi came, I’m sure. Or maybe
KIng David, himself.
I want you to know the first year, Chanukah… You know coming out from
five years of running around, and every day… You can imagine how his nerves
were shot. So nebech, Chanukah, the first Shabbos, he had 104 fever. By
Shalosh Shudis, the Rebbe couldn’t even talk. So everybody said, the Rebbe is
not going to celebrate the Feast of King David, he’s sick. But there were some
inside people, like my brother and humble me, and a few more kids. And we knew
that the Rebbe is going to keep his vow. We were sure the Rebbe is taking a few
aspirins, and maybe by three or four in the morning he’ll come out. In the
winter, Shabbos is over by five, six. If you take some strong medicine, by two
or three in the morning, you can already be a little bit better. So we waited
until four in the morning, I’ll never forget it. The Bobover Rebbe mamash,
gevaldt. He came in. He came down the steps, mamash into the Bais Medrash.
All the chassidim were there, “Thank you so much, thank you so much”. It
mamash the highest Melave Malka of my life. Mamash the Rebbe sat with us until
eight in the morning, it was maybe fifteen kids. Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen
kids… Gevaldt. That’s all there were.
But anyway, I have a flash. Sadly enough, or stupidly, I have to go to
America on Wednesday, maybe if the Messiah comes, folks, I’ll save the money and
stay, but since the Messiah is not so much into saving lately… Ayway I had
this flash, I have a concert Saturday night, in Tel Or, I was thinking if some
of you have nothing else to do, if Yocheved doesn’t mind, if we can come back
here, about 12:15, mamash. Try to be here, and we’ll just celebrate.
I want you to know that this Shabbos is mamash talking about King
David in a million ways. But the most important thing it says, ëé úáðä áéú çãù (Kee
tivneh Bait Chadash) “When you build a new house.” We are all waiting for the
real House of King David. And we are all waiting for “Mechias Amalkek”, for
evil to be wiped out from the world forever. If you can it would be beautiful.
And really, the feast of King David, gevaldt is that high.
I want to share something very deep with you friends. How do you know how
much you love a person? OK, very simple. Here I love this girl very much,
we’re standing on a street corner, saying good-bye to each other. Let’s say, I
have to say good bye at 7:25, right, and that’s it. She goes her way and I go
my way. It wasn’t gerferlick yet, it was so… you can still live. But now
listen, I walk to the corner, then I realize that I can’t walk away from her.
She walks to the other corner and she realizes I can’t walk away either. I turn
around, and I see that she’s also standing at the corner. Gevaldt, suddenly we
run back to each other. Gevaldt is that deep.
Do you know what King David is all about? Why King David keeps us alive?
Do you know what King David is all about? Shabbos is over, right. I make
havdallah, Shabbos is over. Suddenly I realize, I can’t forget about Shabbos.
I look around, gevaldt, Shabbos is standing on the other corner. And that feast
is even deeper than Shabbos. Gevaldt, gevaldt, is that deep. Because gevaldt
is that deep. So King David gives us strength. King David gives us strength to
keep Shabbos until next Shabbos. You see, to keep Shabbos on Shabbos is not so
hard. The question is, do you keep Shabbos on Monday, on Wednesday? That’s
what Shabbos is all about.
You know when I’m sitting with my girlfriend, I remember her. What’s so
hard about it. I’m looking at her, right. The question is how much do I
remember her when I have to walk away. Here comes the acid test. This is what
King David is all about.
Ok, friends, I’ll make it short. Because basically, again, I don’t want to
impose upon you, but if we could learn a little bit and then go up and have a
little Kiddish Levana, (Sanctifying the Moon) it would be a gevaldt, gevaldt,
gevaldt. I don’t know how much some of you put energy into Kiddish Levana. The
world sadly enough doesn’t put so much energy into it, they are just knocking it
OK, this Shabbos begins, – ëé úöà ìîìçîä òì àéáéê (Kee satsay l’milchama al oivecha), When
you go out to battle, to fight your enemies, and it says, …… ‘ åðúðå ä’ àìå÷éê áéãéê- (unisano
Hashem Elokecha biyadecha) G-d will give your enemies unto your hands. … åøéú áùáéä
(V’ra-eeta bashivya) And then you see in captivity, àéùú éôú úåàø ” (aishes yafet toar)
a very beautiful woman and you just realize …åçæ÷ú áä – (V’chashachta ba) so much
connection. And you want to marry her. Then you have to take her home, and
she’s sitting there, because sometimes you’re just maybe blinded by her outside
beauty. Let’s see how does she look like in our language. How does she look
like without makeup? Then, the rest, I’m sure you learned the Parsha. So deep.
And the end of the portion is, you have to wipe out Amalek.
And if you remember, also last Shabbos we read, we need judges, we need
police. Holy police, holy judges. And you need to be a king. A must. And here
I want to start from the end. By Avraham Avinu it says, after he entered the
covenant with G-d, it says … …äåà éåùá ôúç äàåäì… (Hoo yoshave bipesach ohel. He
sat by the door.) I want you to know my beautiful friends, there are two
struggles going on in our lifetime. One struggle is going on mamash inside,
inside, inside. I don’t even want to know if I want to be a Jew. I don’t know
if I should keep Shabbos. I don’t know if I should be married to my wife or
should I not be married. Should I have children? I have already grown up
children, but I haven’t decided yet if I should have children. Some people are
sitting in Israel, and they still don’t know if maybe I should live in Alaska.
Inside struggle. But then there is something else. The inside. My inside is
already fixed. Mamash it’s clear to me, it is clear to me. It is clear to me
in 200 million ways. That I cannot move an inch away from the Torah. I can’t,
even if I want to. It’s beyond… I don’t have choice.
You know friends, did I tell you. I met this beautiful Chinese girl, and I
decided I’m going to take off a week from Yiddishkeit. So I told her last week,
do me a favor, come 9:00 to the moshav. She came in a limosine and I promised
her we’d go out to Tel Aviv and have a little Chinese food. Let me ask you in
all honesty, can I Friday night walk out from the Moshav and step into a
limosine and go with my Chinese girlfriend to have Chinese food? It’s not even
a question of choice. I look at my feet. They won’t move. They won’t move.
Gevaldt. Because why? What’s the first sign that you make a covenant with G-d?
That there are certain things inside that you don’t have to stuggle about
anymore. You know I don’t have to struggle. And I’m not knocking G-d forbid
any religion, it’s holy, but for me. You know I can sit with Swami Satchanonda
for 100 years, I can sit with Pierre Viliot Kahn for 2,000 years… As much as
I love them, and I respect them in the deepest way. They are beautiful, they
are very holy, but I- I’m a Yid. Inside, inside, inside I don’t have to
struggle anymore. Yea, sure, it’s hard, you have to make decisions every
minute, G-d is testing you every second of your life. So what I’m doing is only
fixing the outside of me. You know, it’s clear to me I cannot step in a
limosine Friday night and go to a discoteque in Tel Aviv. I can’t. But you
know I have choice. I’m sitting by my table, I can sit there and say bad things
about other people. Ah, I can suddenly realize… I don’t know what… or I can
mamash keep Shabbos on the highest level. You know something, I don’t have
choice not to put on tefillin. Even if I don’t want to. Imagine one morning I
wake up, I say, “It’s too much.” Everyday since my Bar Mitzva, I mean how much
can you go, right!? And the same “phylactery”. I would like to put it
sometimes in my right hand… And instead of having it up here, I want to have
it here… I’d like to have some change in my life. I can’t help it, right.
The only thing is, I have choice. If I put my heart into it, or if I knock it
off. This is an outside struggle. So here, the Torah says, – , Kee saytsay
l’milchama, you are going out from your insides. We are not talking about a
person who has inside struggles. Because an inside person who still has
struggles inside, don’t you dare go out converting the world. You are not on
the level yet. Because when you see how beautiful the world is, you are going
to get stuck. You better watch out. You better watch out. Kee satsay
l’milchama, when you are going out. Inside, Baruch Hashem, inside, you are
strong like a lion. Let me ask you, it says, in singular, how can one Jew go
out and conquer the world? It’s crazy. You know why one Jew cannot go out and
conquer the world? Because that one Jew hasn’t finished the struggle of inside.
Obviously I cannot conquer the world for G-d, because I’m not so sure yet if
there is one G-d. I’m not 100% sure that Shabbos is really necessary. I can
learn Torah for 200 years but deep, deep, deep, inside inside there is one
little corner left, in which I doubt if the Torah, really- every word is from
heaven. And remember what our holy Rabbis tell us, Amalek is numerically,
“safek” (doubt). Amalek doesn’t say anything bad about G-d. he just says, “Are
you sure?” You know the greatest evil is not that voice that tells me, “Step
in a limosine Friday night and go to a discoteque. That’s a cute little retail
evil. We’re talking about wholesale evil. Wholesale evil doesn’t tell me
anything what to do. Wholesale evil just comes and says, are you positive? You
are a thinking person, right? You have a PHD in logic. Aren’t you overdoing
it? You are too serious about it. Amalek.
So here I want you to know, we started learning it last Sunday, and it
is just so, so, so, so deep. I want you to know the deepest depths. If the
inside of me is fixed.. Don’t you remember, it’s very simple. Rebbe Levi
Yitschak Berditchover never saw evil in another human being. He just didn’t.
Why not? Why do we see so much evil? Because, nebech there is so much evil
inside of me, right. Basically the whole world is a mirror to me, so wherever I
look, I see something bad. Rebbe Levi Yitschak M’Berditchov was so much fixed
inside, wherever he looked around, he only saw good. And this is the Torah from
the Holy Ishbitser which is awesome. Which is the beautiful woman that the
Torah talks about? And again, the whole Torah is too long. Just listen to
this, awesome. Remember when the miraglim, the first ten spies came back and
they said, Israel is too strong, we can’t conquer it. Terrible country, it’s
beautiful, but you can’t conquer it. Then, nebech, nebech gevaldt, they sat
forty more years in the desert, everybody died. Then Yehoshua sent two more
spies. Calev and Pinchas. And what did they say when they come back. You know
basically they only went to Yericho. They didn’t look at the whole land. Just
Yericho. They came back, and they said, you know something. We met Rochav.
Without sounding prost, Rochav was the call girl of that generation. Rachav was
the call girl of that whole neighborhood of the Middle East. And the Gemora
says she was one of the most beautiful women in the world. And who hid them
when the King of Yericho was looking for them? Rochav. Now listen to this.
After they conquered the land, Rochav married Yehoshua. And the Gemora says she
had grandchildren, eight kings and eight prophets. OK, Calev and Pinchas come
back. They say, you know what happened? We saw the lowest woman there, right,
officially the lowest. Gevaldt is she holy. Gevaldt did she tell us there is
one G-d. I want you to know, and it’s even too awesome even to say. Calev
stood on Mount
Sinai. Pinchas stood on Mount Sinai. You’ll ask Pinchas, how do you know
there is one G-d? Pinchas would say, because Rochav told me. Awesome. Because
you know why? Because he was so holy inside. When he looked at Rochav, you
know what he saw? Why did Rachav tell him there is one G-d? Why didn’t she
tell her customers? Do you know why? Remember, I always tell my friends, when
you stand next to a refrigerator, you always get cold. When you stand next to a
fire, you get warm. Can you imagine how holy Calev and Pinchas were, that
Rochav is standing next to them and she says “Gevaldt, there is one G-d.
Gevaldt there is one G-d.” You know what that means? Pinchas and Calev cut
through all the garbage. That means Calev and Pinchas were so holy they could
cut through the thickest layer, the thickest anti-holiness, anti-G-d layer. And
they didn’t have to cut.
And you know it says here? – ‘ Kee satsay l’milchama al oyavecha, you
are going out to battle into the outside world. And basically the Torah should
say, the battle will be two years, two days. It doesn’t say anything about the
battle. It says G-d will give them in your hands. G-d will give you a gift.
You don’t have to struggle. And how do you really know that G-d gave them unto
your hands? Ah, when you meet Rochav. And you know what Rochav tells you?
Rochav doesn’t tell you, you know my profession, I’m ready. Rochav tells you
gevaldt, there is one G-d. Ah. Gevaldt, is that deep. Gevaldt is that deep.
You see friends, let me tell you something. We were learning it a thousand
times, but last time we learned it from Reb Nachman even deeper. Mamash the
deepest. Remember we were learning it, why did Noach not pray for the people of
the flood? And G-d made a covenant with him, just the world will always exist.
There will always be good people, bad people. There will always be a little
Noach’l hanging around, one good man, but really doesn’t do anything. Avraham,
G-d made a covenant with him that one day Mashiach is coming and mamash, gevaldt
the world will be so holy. You know why Noach didn’t pray for the people of the
flood? Because he really didn’t believe that G-d is strong enough. He didn’t
believe it that G-d could take a perverted creep, and make a Baal Shem Tov out
of him. He thought if you’re always good, you’ll remain good. If you’re bad,
you’re lost. What’s Avraham all about? What’s Mashiach all about? Mashiach
is all about, this is what you are doing with Rochav. I mamash believe that
suddenly one Yid can come riding on a donkey. He’s blowing the shofar. Which
is just ridiculous, right. We have nuclear weapons. We have unbelievable
electronics. And a Yiddele comes and blows the shofar, and the whole world will
come running to Yerushalayim. You must be crazy. Crazy- You know why? Because
I mamash know it’s true. Because inside, inside, inside, I know. You know what
I know? That deep, deep, deep, deep inside, the whole world is so holy.
Gevaldt is the world beautiful. Gevaldt is the world longing for something
holy. You think Rochav became a prostitute because she wants to be a
prostitute? She was waiting to meet somebody who is filling her soul. She was
waiting for something beautiful to happen to her. It never happened. Ah,
Pinchas came and he slept on her roof. Pinchas, Eliyahu HaNavi, Pinchas is the
one who never dies. Suddenly she met somebody so holy. So beautiful. She was
ready to give birth to eight kings and eight prophets. She was ready to become
the wife of Yehoshua. Without struggling. You don’t have to struggle.
You remember the deepest Torah. I shared it with you a few times. The
Seer of Lublin, the Holy Seer of Lublin was the greatest pupil of Rebbe
EliMelech. And he was really his successor. And one day he said to the Seer of
Lublin, I taught you alot of things. But there is one thing I cannot teach you.
You have to go to my holy brother, the Rebbe, Reb Zusha and he will teach you.
So he comes to the Rebbe Reb Zusha, and the Heilage Rebbe Reb Zusha says to the
Holy Seer of Lublin. He says, Yaakov Yitschak. Tell me one thing. When you
want a person to become better, how do you reach them? He says, it’s very
simple, I point out to them everything they do wrong. I tell them you see you
did this, you’re not permitted. You did this, oy, it’s even more forbidden.
You did this, oy vey, it’s terrible. You better do tshuvah. And then I’ll tell
you, tell me your lifestory. Your life story, OY VEY! What an ugly story,
gevaldt, WOW! You better repent. The Rebbe Reb Zusha says, you know what you
are doing with them? You push them down in a garbage pail. You take away their
last ounce of self confidence. You take away their last ounce of self
confidence. The Heilage Choze said to the Rebbe Reb Zusha, “How are you doing
it?” “Ah”, he says, “I do it differently. I don’t tell anything bad to them.
I’m just praying so hard, I’m opening gates of light for them. I open gates of
light for them. And when a great light of heaven is shining into them, they
won’t do wrong by themselves. You don’t have to struggle.”
You know what it is? You know what struggling comes from? If the inside
isn’t fixed yet. If the inside isn’t fixed yet. If I have my doubts deep
inside. Then you know what it is, I have trouble keeping Shabbos. And then I
turn you onto Shabbos. What kind of Shabbos am I turning you onto? That every
Friday night you have to struggle to keep Shabbos. Because you received Shabbos
from somebody who’s also a little amalek, he’s not sure if it’s Shabbos, right.
You know I met somebody, I told you in the old city. And I asked how are
you doing? I’m struggling. What do you mean you’re struggling?…. You have to
struggle Friday night? You know what that means? It’s all outside stuff.
Nothing inside.
You see what it is. We were learning it last week. Reb Nachman says, the
sin of Adam was, Adam HaRishon, Adam, did not believe in himself. And here I
want you to open your hearts in the deepest way. Why don’t I believe that one
Yiddele can blow the shofar and turn the whole world around. You know why?
Because I’m not so sure if the message of Mashiach is really the right message.
I really don’t think… What do you have to say? You mean the Mashiach will
come to the world and give over Torah from Reb Nachman? You must be kidding.
Nobody is interested. He’s going to say a Torah from Mei HaShiloach? What do
you think the world is like? I don’t believe it myself. So here Reb Nachman
says, this is the deepest depths. Reb Nachman says, and here I want you to open
your hearts. Why did Eve eat the forbidden fruit? And just really give me your
attention for one minute. Remember I told you, if I have to struggle with
Shabbos, and then I’ll tell you to keep Shabbos, you’ll struggle also, right.
Can you imagine, Adam says to Eve, G-d says to us, don’t eat the forbidden fruit
because if you eat it, if you eat it, you’ll die. Obviously he didn’t believe
in it himself. I’m sure he said it to her. Do you know why he didn’t believe
in it himself. He could not believe that you can eat one apple, you can destroy
the world. And he did not believe that if you eat one apple from the Tree of
Life you can live forever. Don’t give me this apple business. I have a PHD,
right. I’m not stupid, G-d tells me, eat this apple, don’t eat this apple…
I’m beyond all this, right. I want you to know something. I want you to know
the deepest depths. Imagine I love somebody very much, and they ask me a little
favor. It’s a small thing, so I won’t do it. What’s my problem? I don’t
believe that they love me so much, that one little thing can destroy the whole
thing. If it takes a big thing to destroy, then it wasn’t so big. The smaller
the love is, the bigger the thing is which destroys it. It’s a gevaldt, one
apple can destroy everything. One apple.
Friends, what is the first thing we’re doing Rosh Hoshanah night? Everyone
knows we are taking an apple and we put honey on it. Because on Rosh Hoshanah,
Chava, Eve, gave one apple to Adam and she brought death to the world. So
Master of the World, please let me eat one apple. Let it be so sweet, let it be
full of life. I just want you to know mamash. I bless you with a good Rosh
Hoshanah, but I want you to know something, Rosh Hoshanah night, everything we
are doing, is so awesome. So holy. Some people put a little energy into
blowing of the shofar. What about the apple and the honey? Gevaldt is that
OK, let’s go back. Here it says, Kee tsaysay l’milchoma. You are going
out, you are not struggling inside. Inside, Baruch Hashem, it’s mamash clear to
me, there is one G-d. It’s clear to me that every word of the Torah is from
heaven. You know what else is clear to me? It is clear to me that the inside
of the world is so holy. It is clear to me that the whole world, the whole
world is not hungry for money. The whole world is not hungry for power. You
know what they are really hungry for? They are mamash hungry for something so
And if I can just have your deepest attention for one more minute. The
Ishbitser says, I mean this is so awesome… The Ishbitser says the deepest
depths. Moshe Rabbainu. Moshe Rabbainu, everybody knows, the generation of
Moshe Rabbeinu stood on Mount Sinai. It’s all head stuff. Do you know why the
miraglim came back and said Israel is hard to conquer? On a head level, they
are 100% right. Moshe Rabbainu is the head of Yidden. Yehoshua, Eretz Yisrael,
… ãåø áàé ìàøõ (Dor ba-aye ha’arets, the generation that comes into the Land) is mamash
doing. Mamash doing. In Eretz Yisrael, you plow the fields, you take trumah,
you take ma’aser. You do everything. You live in the world of action. And you
know what it is? The people who think, don’t do, and the people who do, don’t
think. And you know what it is, when you think, when you do, it’s even more
important, the Ishbitser says. When you get into doing, you mamash cut yourself
off from your heart and your soul. What’s going on with the so called frum
community today, without saying anything bad? They put their whole energy into
one piece of glatt kosher meat. Where’s heart? Where’s soul? Where’s loving
Yidden? Where’s treating your children right? Where’s all the depths, the
deepest depths of Yiddishkeit? I mean for some people today, a frum person is
someone who eats glatt kosher meat, but he can beat up his children and still be
called a frum Yid. And for us, hopefully, a person who is beating up his wife
or his children, I don’t know what. I’d rather eat ham in the house of a Yid
who is good to his wife and his children than eat glatt kosher meat by a person
who beats up his wife. As simple as it is. Because to eat in the house of a
person who is beating up his children, the air is traife, the plate is traife,
the hands are traife, the house smells from paganism. He doesn’t believe in
G-d. Because don’t tell me you believe in G-d, and you beat up your children.
You could have a shtriemel from here to heaven. The pope wears a yamulke, also.
Nothing, nothing under it.
So listen to me friends. The Ishbitser says the most awesome Torah. That
Rochav was the link between Moshe and Yehoshua. What’s Rochav all about?
Rochav was all about… She never did anything… everthing she did was wrong.
Inside, inside, inside. And you know why Yehoshua married Rochav? Because from
Rochav he took over… And you know how you conquer Eretz Israel, how do you
conquer the world? When it’s clear to you that the world is really longing.
The world is longing for the deepest, deepest depths. But again, let it be
clear to you, if you’re full of doubts, you won’t get it. You know why the
miraglim didn’t see it? Because inside… If you remember, because sadly
enough, because we made the Golden Calf. And here I want to share something
with you. You know what Amalek did to us? I’ll tell you what Amalek did to us.
Because.. Let me ask you the deepest question in the world. Why didn’t the
whole world come to Mount Sinai? G-d invited the whole world to come. Do you
know why? Because
we met Amalek on the way to Mount Sinai and if you remember, Amalek cooled
off the whole world. And you know what Amalek did to us? Because there was one
little billionthell of a shade of a doubt left. So the whole world didn’t come.
And because the whole world didn’t come, we made the Golden Calf. Because if
the whole world would have come, we wouldn’t have made the Golden Calf. And
because the whole world didn’t come, we didn’t go into Eretz Yisrael.
And here I want you to know, Avraham Avinu, ….. åäåà éåùá ôúç äàåäì “Yoshave
pesach ohel” (sitting by the entrance of the tent). After he entered the
covenant with God, his inside was fixed. You know what he did? He prayed for
S’dom. He said – ‘ (Kee taytsay l’milchoma al oyvecha, when you go forth
to battle against your enemies) Gevaldt did he pray for Sodom. Gevaldt did he
see something beautiful in Sodom. You know what he saw? There’s another
“aishes yifat Tohar”, there’s another beautiful woman in the world. And this is
our holy mother, Ruth. Which is awesome, awesome.
Anyway, my beautiful friends, I want you to know that the first thing on
Rosh Hoshanah is, it has to be clear to you, to me, to everyone, that it takes
only one Jew to blow the shofar and to save the whole world. But you know what
it is, on Rosh Hoshanah, I’m begging G-d, please let the whole world know you
are there, because they are so hungry for You, Master of the World. And you
see, I don’t even have to struggle to tell you. What I have to do is fix my
insides. And when I fix my insides, there’s melting away. Rochav said my heart
is melting. When Rochov saw Pinchas she saw Eliyahu HaNavi. …… ‘ –
(oo’nisano, Hashem Elokecha biyadecha, and the L-rd your G-d delivers them unto
your hands) G-d just gives them into your hands, you don’t have to do anything.
And here I want you to hear the deepest depths, you know what I’m doing
after Yom Kippur? I’m going to the Succah. Ah, gevaldt, is that holy, gevaldt.
First of all, let me tell you my beautiful friends. Why am I asking my
friend for “Mechila” (forgiveness) on Yom Kippur. One of the two, if I did
something wrong to them, then I should immediately ask him for forgiveness. And
if I didn’t do anything wrong, why should I ask for forgiveness before Yom
Kippur? I want to share with you the deepest depths. On Rosh Hoshanah, when
suddenly it’s clear to me that it takes only one Jew to bring Mashiach. It
takes only one Jew to blow the shofar, and I fix my insides, because Rosh
Hoshanah is the inside fixing. And suddenly I look at my friend, I realize,
gevaldt, you are so beautiful, and judging by your beauty I didn’t treat you
good enough. And suddenly I ask my friend for forgiveness. (WOW—zusha)
And here I want you to know the deepest depths. On Yom Kippur I ask G-d
for forgiveness, and I ask every Jew for forgiveness. On Succos, I go one step
further. On Succos, I build my house on the street. – ‘ (when you go forth
to battle against your enemies) I’m going out on the street, and do you know
what I realize? How beautiful is the world and I bring 70 sacrifices, asking
the whole world for forgiveness. Because if my insides would have been fixed, I
could have fixed you also.
And then I want you to know, comes Simchas Torah. Simchas Bais Hashoava,
(on Succos) I’m still in the Bais HaMikdash. And then comes Simchas Torah. Do
you know what happens to me on Simchas Torah? On Simchas Torah, for the first
time, it is clear to me… You know, if you want to tell me something, you know
what I’m telling you? Tell me first what you want, and I’ll see what it says.
You know, on Simchas Torah, I’m not even learning the Torah. I learn it later.
First I’m dancing. And here I want to share something with you awesome.
Imagine I’m dealing with Coca Cola, I’m selling Coca Cola, and I get a business
letter. I have to read the letter first to know what they are telling me. Here
I’m in love with this girl, most in love with her. I get a letter from her.
You know when I dance? Before I read the letter. I dance gevaldt, I got a
letter from her. Gevaldt.
And here Reb Nachman says, the fixing of Rosh Hoshanah is… And you see
what it is, if I don’t believe that I can bring Mashiach, it’s not because I’m
so clever, it’s because I’m full of doubts. I don’t believe it myself. I hate
to say bad things, but please forgive me. We’re living in a world with two
kinds of Yidden. There are the Yidden who say don’t go out on the street, don’t
have to do anything with non religious people because they’ll turn you away.
You know what their problem is? Their problem is they haven’t yet fixed their
insides. They haven’t fixed their insides. Because if I know what Shabbos is,
you can send me to Alaska to two thousand Eskimos. My Shabbos is so strong. Do
you think the Eskimos can make me go in a car Friday night to go to a
discotheque? No. I will take all the Eskimos and I will sing, “Mizmor shir
l’yom HaShabbos”. (Let’s sing the Song of Shabbos) Do you know why? Because
it’s clear to me, I know what Shabbos is. Gevaldt is Shabbos good.
Have you ever been in one those big department stores, what’s a good
sales lady? A good sales lady who believes in the product. You walk into a
store and this salesman or saleswoman mamash believes in this product, the way,
gevaldt are they selling it. They say it’s good, I think it’s good, it most
probably is good. I don’t know. Who wants to buy it? Who wants to buy it?
And friends, on Rosh Hoshanah, we are blowing the shofar, and it’s clear to
me, do you know why Mashiach didn’t come last year? Because I didn’t blow the
shofar properly. Because I didn’t believe in it so much. I didn’t have the
guts to believe in it.. I didn’t have guts. I didn’t have guts to believe that
if the whole world hears one blow of the shofar… they come running.
You know how we broke down Yericho? We blew the shofar. Do you know why
we blew the shofar? Because Rochav told us. Because Rachav told us that we
need just one word of G-d. …… …ðîåâå ëì éåùáé äàøõ (Nimogu kal yoshvai ha’arets. And
they melted all the dwellers of the earth) Everybody is melting. Everybody is
I want you to know something heartbreaking. Last Friday I bought this
magazine. And there it says, what’s the problem of Jewish young people in
Israel? It was heartbreaking. They gathered 5,000 high school students, in the
last two highest grades. They spoke to 5,000. And again, just remember, when
you stand next to a refrigerator, you get cold. Next to a fire you get warm,
right. Imagine the holy Amshinover would have been there. What he would have
gotten out of them. … ™ ™ ” (V’rayita b’shivya eshet yefat toar, and
you see among the captives a beautiful woman). So the person who interviewed
them was Amalek in person. And here he writes the 17 most important problems
that happen. The first 7 have to do with, I don’t want to sound “Prust”
(vulgar) have to do with sex. Seven. Eight have to do with the Army. Nine,
politics. Religion, is the most unimportant number 17. Makes you vomit. You
mean, to be a Jew or not to be a Jew is the most unimportant thing in young
people’s lives. For that we came back to the Holy Land?! And why should an
American Jew from Dallas come to Israel, so my kids also should also have seven
problems about sex. They can have it in Dallas. Maybe in Dallas they won’t have
any other problems, which is even more healthy. That’s what my psychiatrist
says!?! Mishiga of toit. Crazy!! You know what is clear to me? The problem
of the world is, mamash the problem of the world is, on the deepest, deepest
inside, they are so hungry. …… (u’netano Hashem Elokecha b’yadecha,
And Hashem will deliver them unto your hands.)
I want you to know something, in order to tie somebody down, I need two
hands. To shake hands? One. Do you know what the Torah says, do you know how
much you need to conquer the world? You don’t need two hands. Don’t tie them
down. Just hold out your hand. Do you know what G-d is doing on Yom Kippur?
(Veyemincha pashuta lekabel shavim, And with His right, He
stretches out to receive the ones who return) G-d doesn’t tie us down. G-d is
holding out His hand. Gevaldt is that deep, gevaldt is that deep.
Do you know what Esav is doing? Esav needs two hands. by esau it says”Hayadayim”, (hands)in plural.
Esav is working with two hands. He’s tying the world down. By Yaakov is
mamash- …… ‘ – .. (V’natnu Hashem Elokecha b’yadcha
v’yamincha pashuta likabel shavim) And G-d delivers them unto your hands, and
with His right hand He stretches out to receive the ones who return)

Remember the Slonimer Torah. “Yedid”, a friend, is a combination of two
times hand, “Yad Yad”. Is a friend. So you know what we’re doing? On Yom
Kippur, G-d gives us one hand, and we are holding out our hand to the world. Do
you know what we are doing on Succos? I want you to know something very deep.
Sometimes I meet a person, and they give me one hand, right. Sometimes they
love me very much and I love him very much. I take their hand between my two
hands, also two hands, a different two hands. Do you know what we do on Succos?
I take the four species. Hold them up. Mamash, I take all the Yidden, and I
take them between my two hands.
Do you know something? I’ve seen parents carrying their children in one
hand, sweet. If you love your baby the most, you hold them with two hands. So
G-d created the world with one hand. The Bais HaMikdash, it says, î÷ãù ä’ ëåððå éãéê “Mikdash
Hashem Konnena Yadecha”, (The Temple of G-d is acquired by your hands.) With
both hands.
Friends, I want to bless you, I want you to know, ä÷åì ÷ì éò÷á “HaKol Kol Yaakov” (the
voice is the voice of Jacob). On Rosh Hoshanah, you are fixing the voice of
Jacob. But the hands of Esav, we are fixing on Succos. Mamash when we take all
the Yidden, mamash when we are taking all the Yidden between our two hands. On
Simchas Torah, when we carry the Torah in both hands, and even more so, G-d
should bless us with children. When we carry our children in both hands. I
want you to know something, I’m sure you feel the same way, Baruch Hashem, you
know, I grew up in a frum home, I carried the Torah on Simchas Torah, all my
life. But what did I know about Simchas Torah, until Neshamala was two years
old, and I carried her mamash, and I danced with her all night, right. A
completely different two hands.
And I just want you to know one thing. You know my beautiful friends,
where is anger coming from? You know where anger is coming from? When I am
torn apart with doubt. When my inside is clear, nothing really bothers me.
Everybody knows that Esav is the master of anger. Esav is the master of Amalek.
And here I want you to know something. The Ishbitser says, the next parsha is
…’ … åäéä ëé úáåà àì äàøõ (V’haya kee tavo el ha’aretz, And it shall be when you come in unto
the Land) Do you know what the greatest joy is? When you get rid of anger.
Gevaldt is that good. As long as you are full of anger, you don’t know what joy
is. You know when we wipe out Amalek, we wipe out all the doubts. We wipe out
all the… not seeing the beauty of the world.
By Amalek it says, ‘ ‘ëé éã òì ëñ éä – (Kee yad al kayska) I want you to know, this one
hand, with this one hand which G-d gave me to hold hands with the world. If I
don’t know what to do with it, I’m covering G-d’s name with Amalek.
I want you to know my beautiful friends, Amalek is anger. You know, you
can walk out to the world, and if you are angry at them, you can’t conquer them.
Yea, you can kill them, but you can’t conquer them. – ‘ (” ki Tsatsay limilchoma al
oyavecha”, When you forth to battle against your enemy). You know someone I’m
angry at, I don’t see how beautiful they are. …… ‘ – (Oo-nisano Hashem
Elokecha B’yadecha, And G-d gives them unto your hands)
Friends, I want to bless you and me, the whole world should be in our
hands. We should have the privilege of bringing such a holy message to the
world. We should have the privilege of blowing the shofar and the whole world
should hear it already. We ourselves should hear it. And our insides should be
so clear. The inside of the inside should be so absolutely, absolutely… “Hoo
yosahve pesach haohel” (Avraham sat at the entrance of the tent). Do you know
why Avraham can take three pagans, and they bring him a message from G-d,
because inside, inside…

You know I just wanted to say one more thing and I didn’t say it. You know
why I make so many mistakes? Because I don’t really believe that if I do
everything right, it will be right. Because I have my doubts. So before Rosh
Hoshana, before blowing the shofar, before I blow, I wipe out all the doubts.
Mamash, and I believe in myself again. I mamash believe that I can stand and
blow the shofar and turn over the world. And stop making mistakes. You know
friends, why I hurt people’s feelings. Because I don’t believe that if I tell
them I love them it has any meaning. So if I tell you I love you and it has the
same effect like I call you a dirty name, so why should I be so careful. Do you
know why I don’t do you a favor? Because I think… I don’t believe in love
anyway. I only believe in manipulating people. So I’m not doing you a favor,
because you manipulate me. I have this assertiveness training, and I won’t.
I just thought, you know, …, David, is the same like Yad, Daled, and
Vav Daled is Yud. When Mashiach is coming, mamash we’ll hold out our hand.
.åäáéà àåúí àì äø ÷åãùé (V’havee-oseem el har kodshee, And I will bring them to My
Holy Mountain).
Do you know how I’m learning Simchas Torah? I’m holding the Torah in my
hands. You know why I didn’t hold out my hand to the whole world before? I was
learning with my head. I want you to know something. Obviously on Succos we
conquer Eretz Yisrael. Because on Yom Kippur when I fix everything and the Kohen
Gadol calls out the Shem HaMiforash, G-d’s Name is whole again. Then mamash we
go out in the world, and I build the Succah outside and the Succah has to be so
beautiful, the esrog has to be beautiful. Because then suddenly I realize how
beautiful the world is. And then like the Ishbitser says, there are two Aishes
Yafas Tohars, Rochav the wife of Yehoshua, and Ruth the mother of Mashiach.
Mamash, those two holy women, … (V’ra-eeta
b’shivya aishet yafet toar v’chashakta ba v’lakachta lach l’isha, And you see
among the captives a beautiful woman, and you desire her and you want to take
her for a wife) then Mashiach is coming and it will be the real marriage between
us and G-d, between us and the Torah.

…You know G-d cannot stand nudnicks. You know why we can’t stand a
nudnick? Because G-d can’t stand him either. What’s a nudnick? A nudnick is
someone who says the same thing one hundred times. Let me ask you something.
You mean for forty days I’m sitting there and asking G-d for forgiveness? To
ask G-d for forgiveness takes one second. Let me tell you something. If all
the Tshuva of Elul would be just to ask G-d for forgiveness for my sins, believe
me, G-d heard you. I said, “Master of the World, forgive me.” That’s it. It
takes one second. Naturally, if you like, if you talk to yourself like a
nudnick… Some people talk about the same thing for a hundred years. Can’t
change the subject, right. So for them, Elul is really mamash doing tshuvah.
I mean this kind of talking about their sins all the time. Let me tell you
something. It’s clear from all the S’forim. Why do we blow the Shofar for
forty days? Mamash we are preparing ourselves to receive the Ten Commandments
again. But with so much depth, with so much depth.
You know we prepared ourselves for Shavuos, seven weeks. It wasn’t good;
we made the Golden Calf. Obviously, we didn’t know how to receive the Torah.
So I prepare myself. Do you know what blowing the Shofar is? It is reaching
into the deepest depths of my heart. Everyday, when I hear the shofar, my heart
gets deeper and deeper and deeper.
You know I want you to know something so deep, my beautiful friends. You
know what dying is all about? You know why G-d forbid.. what does G-d say to
Adam if you eat the forbidden fruit, you’ll die. You know what it means? That
the body and the soul are not really connected. You know if I know you today,
and I don’t remember you tomorrow, because we didn’t connect properly. If I can
stand before G-d and forty days later, I can say that the Golden Calf is my
G-d, it wasn’t so deep. So what’s the Tshuvah of Elul all about? Not
“Krechsing” over my sins. It’s mamash praying so hard, “G-d, open my heart,
let it be so deep. Let the Torah get into my heart, so deep.”
And I want you to know something. The craziest thing in the world is, the
first tablets were just Torah sh’b’Ksav. (the written Torah) You learn it one
time, and you don’t forget it. How deep is that? You know, if I’m the biggest
genius in the world, and whatever I learn, I don’t forget, how deep does it have
to reach me? It doesn’t have to reach me deep at all. I have a phenomenal
memory, I learn it one time, and I know it. But you know, if I can forget it…
But you know why I don’t forget it? Because it reaches so deep. You know
friends, imagine if you could not forget anything, then I meet a friend after
ten years, and they remember my name. What’s so big about it? People don’t
forget, right. But we are living in a world of forgetfullness. And then I meet
a friend after ten years, and they still remember me. It blows my mind.
Unbelievable. You mean I reached you so deep, and you still remember me?

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