Hear the Footsteps of the Massiah

Footsteps of Mashiach

There is a passage that says in the bible Isaiha 52:7 “Mah Navu Al Heharim ragleh mevaser” –how beautiful it is to hear the footsteps of the messiah, of the great messenger on the mountain.
imagine I have a business meeting and I want to sell 1000 bottles of Coca Cola. I’m standing there and I’m waiting for this businessman to come. I’m waiting 2000 years. I’m angry and I’m thinking to my self ‘ who does he thing he is’, right. Finally he comes, nothing happens to me now that he finally came. On The other hand Imagine I’m waiting for the person I love the most. Waiting, Waiting, Waiting. Suddenly I hear her footsteps. So deep. …You can’t imagine; this is so deep. And you know what happens to me at the moment I hear the footsteps. Here waited for 2000 years with so much agony but suddenly I forgot that I waited 2000 years and all the agony, all the pain; suddenly everything is so beautiful and I’m thinking gevalt, I’m so glad I waited that long. Because how would I have known how much I love you if you wouldn’t have waited that long?

So it says in the bible “Mah Navu Al Heharim,” (how beautiful are the mountains) -you know, there is beautiful and then there’s divinely beautiful. It’s beyond beautiful. It says “Mah Navu Al Heharim,” how beautiful it will be, on the mountain, you know on Yerushalayim, “ragleh mevaser (the feet of the one who will bring the decelration of redemption at the end of times),” when we will hear the footsteps of the Moshiach coming and the first thing he will do is “mashmiah shalom (he will let us hear the peace),” we will hear the echo of peace. Mevaser tov (announce goodness), Mevaser Shalom ( declare peace) Mashmia tov (we will hear the goodness). Suddenly the moment Moshiach will come, everything is good. And mevaser yeshua (announcing salvation), and mamesh, you know, is will be the highest salvation there is. Then it says Amar Letziyon Malach ELokayich, you know friends, you know, how much paganism there is in the world, how much paganism? so much, and forget about the world, you know. I don’t know about you, I know how pagan I am. And then suddenly, mamesh, amar l’tzion, at that moment mamesh there will be so much holiness I will mamesh know that there is one G-d. amar l’tzion, hen will bring the message Malach Elokayich, G-d is really the king

Based on Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach’s kabbalah class

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