?Gevura and Chesed- How much of each

Shimru mishpat veasu zdaka.
I want to tell you something very deep. Shimru mishpat. G-d is always on the out side. In a very deep way, gevura doesn’t have to be inside it can be on the out side only. It means my “gader” my surrounding has to be a little bit gvurale(strength) – asu mishpat. But inside it has to be mamesh absolutely chesed (kindness and compassion). I’ll tell you something very strong. Imagine I pass by a dinner, and my yiddish keit is shvach, so when I see cheeseburger I flip. Shimru mishpat – I make my self very strong not to eat the cheeseburger. but i could be on the level of chesed and not even want it. Lets say you take a baby and explain to him , you know , you are already 3 years old, you shouldn’t wear diapers. But if the baby walks around his all life thinking I really like to wear diapers but I shouldn’t, that’s asu mishpat. But when he mamesh realizes I’m too big, I’m going out of diapers, that’s on the level of chesed. He reached the level of chesed. So first its shimru mishpat and then asu zdaka. But then people were even lower then that, They couldn’t even be masters of this. They mixed it up all the time. He says we didn’t even know what chesed is. What ahava (love) is. Love is a very gentle thing. The kotzker rabbi says that when the Baal Shem Tov came to the world, he opened all the gates of love. The fridrika rabbi says, that the love that the baal shem brought into the world is just unbelievable. He says imagine how Moishele the water carrier and Chazkle the tailor, when they met in the beit midrash of the baal shem, there was just so much love in the air. But then he realized, got to do something strong again.
Emuna (faith) is something else.
Then he says if you are not on the level of having a little bit gevura an d alittle bit of chesed then at least have full faith (emuna shlema), that g-d is punishing you if you do something wrong and rewarding you when you do something right. You cant get lower then that. Start from there. At least be aware that the world isn’t ” hefker”.
He says shoftim is taarat hamidot. Judges is when you can control and clean your emotions, your inside. But if you are not there yet at least have a shoter- a little policeman. The shoter ( policeman) is the emuna (full faith).
He says that the real avodat hashem(serving of g-d), is that it has to come from ta’anug ( infinite pleasure)
lemaan tichye veyarashta et haaretz.
Zedek- the first level is full faith that the world is ran with justice.
Second zedek is – taarat hamidot- cleaning your emotions. Mamesh go through all the levels of chesed , gevura, tiferet , nezach, hod etc. and then “lamaan tichye(so you should live from the mitzvot) you should have “chayut” (vitality) from the mitzvot. Unless the mitzvot give you “chayut” you are not there yet.
Veyarashta et haarets, could mean that you should inherent the land or you should inherent it to someone else. I want to tell you our children take over only the things we enjoyed.

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