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What’s so cool about the House of Love and Prayer!?!

It’s heavenly!

We greet the Sabbath Bride singing L’cha Dodi outdoors under the moon and the stars after watching the beautiful Tzfat sunset.

No wonder we feel like dancing and singing and praising the Creator!

House of Love and Prayer is a place where you can find……..
heartfelt singing
focused prayer
relevant and
many fine examples of principles in action
meaningful insights into our lives.
real people being themselves
Torah reading
a warm welcome for all who enter-no exceptions
education on Jewish topics

“Relevant and meaningful insights”
Beit Ahava v Tefillah is a remarkable entity. I cannot find enough superlatives to describe the House of Love and Prayer. First of all this house is a mobile operation with more than one base. It is a Sukkot SHALOM There is the outreach to comfort house, feed, and counsel people from all backgrounds.It is FAITH IN ACTION, a beacon of light for spiritual seekers, and a dynamic place in which to praise God. It is particularly helpful to me that the D’var Torahs are spoken in both Hebrew and English so I can grow my Hebrew and my spirit simultaneously.HOLAP serves many who have limited means and makes the threshold one where everyone can enter. Beit Ahava v Tefillah is a place where it is easy to sense that ” I BELONG.” and a feeling of acceptance.

The “REAL DEAL” is how I’d characterize the House of Love and Prayer. When I think about House Of Love and Prayer and what it means, I think of a place where caring with a capital”C” occurs: a MAKOM. It is action, intelligence and compassion mixed into one package.

Focus is on demonstrating Torah values. Regardless of short supply, all who need it-get a listening ear, a bowl of soup, a Shabbat meal-no excuses. The shear quantity of people and the distances from which they have come is mind-boggling. Holy brother and Holy sister Yaakov and Mirale set an example of selfless love and real understanding that shines forth on all who enter Beit Ahava v’ Tefilah .

I appreciate the way common sense is combined with uncommon cheer and a welcome greeting whenever one enters the Beit Knesset or the Drori home.

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