Counting on G-D’s compassion

I only count on G-D’s compassion

You know, imagine I am standing before G-d and I say, you know, you have to help me because, you know, look at me, you don’t have a better man than me. You know what I am doing for you, what I’m doing for Yiddishkeit, I mean really, face it right. Or, on the other hand i might say, ‘Ribbono Shel Olam, “Va’ani B’chasdecha Batachti.” (I count on your compassion) I know I am absolutely undeserving. But mamesh I trust in the almighty mercy and compassion, in his love because it is so infinite, so unconditional, so unquestioning.
You know, imagine my little girl would come up to me and ask me for a favor. Does she have to tell me stories if she deserves it of not? I love her so much, you know, that even if she be deserving a million times I couldn’t love her more, you know. And I couldn’t love her less if she’s undeserving. It’s a completely different thing.
Ok, so Dovid Hamelech says Ani B’chasdecha Batachti, not only I’m asking you, I’m sure you will help me.

Why is it the holy Baal Shem said that to be sad is a little bit pagan? Because if I am sad that means I don’t believe G-d will help me, I’m not so sure. It’s pagan, right?!
so we say, as King david taught us, “V’Ani B’chasdecha Batachti”. I trust in you so much that I know you will help me.
But then I go one step further. The whole world is rejoicing after G-d helps them but I rejoice even before the salvation comes. King David was already singing and dancing, not after G-d helped him. That, anyone can do, right?! For that you don’t have to be Kind David. but we try to be.

But it says Yagel Libi B’shuasecha, -not only my heart is happy, Yagel, you know, Gila means absolute bliss. It means I am blown away with my joy. I’m blown away because I know that you are helping me.

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