BEYOND NAMES

Listen to the deepest depths. It says ‘Vayera Elav Hashem Be’alonei Mamrei’, G-d revealed himself to him in Alonei Mamre. What does it mean that G-d revealed himself to him, why doesn’t it say that G-d revealed himself to Abraham? Imagine if I would live all alone in the world, would I need a name? Do we need a name because there are more people in the world who need a namme inorder to refer to us?

The thing is there are two kinds of names in the world. Sometimes I call a person because they are far away and I need their attention so I call them. Obviously, if I would be all alone who needs a name? But imagine if I love somebody very much and I can’t stop saying their name, this is the deepest depths there is.

Now listen to this, there is the inside of me… if someone can reach that place which is beyond the name, if I connect to a person, to G-d, to a book or to anything holy, in that place which cannot be reached by a name then our connection is beyond choice. If my connection is only from that level of names then one day we will stop calling each other altogether.

So what was revealed to Avraham when it says ‘Vayera Elav Hashem’? After Avraham entered the covenant with G-d, G-d revealed to him that the covenant is in that place which has no name, ‘Vayera Elav’, to him.

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