Tamuz- Fixing my Sight

My beautiful friends, I would like to talk to you about Tammuz and Av.

Each month has it’s fixing. and on tamuz we are fixing our eyes, the way we are looking at people and on the all world.

Our holy rabbis teach us, that the holy Temple was destroyed because we didn’t love each other.

You know, it’s strange. You can do everything so to speak right but there are a few people I can’t stand.

You know, my beautiful friends, what’s the holy Temple all about?

You know, on the street, I don’t mind meeting people I don’t like. But In my house, I can only stand people who I love. And the thing is that, if there are so many people you cannot stand, so you cannot be in one house with God, because the Master of the World…the Master of the World…Gevaldt! We all are his children. You know, imagine — I bless you and me — our children should always love each other. What do you do if your children fight? You say: “Please, not in my house.”

Where does it start? We don’t know how to look at each other. You know, friends, to see a human being takes more than good eyes or eyeglasses. You go to an ophthalmologist and he says, “Oh, you’re eyes are good.” It takes more than that.

And here I want to share something very very deep with you.
Ffriends. You know, Moshe Rabbenu had clear prophecy. And Moshe Rabbenu says to God, “Please let me see the land,”

Why is it that a prophet sees from one corner of the world to the other?

And the same question is also, God says to Abraham ‘Go to the Land which I will show you,’
Avraham Avinu has good eyes. He can sit in Charan and see exactly where Ben-Yehuda street in Tel Aviv or He can see Diezengoff, he can see the Holy Wall.

But the answer is……obviously, there is deeper a seeing. Deeper than prophetic seeing. To see the Holy Land, oh, God has to show it to you. Something so deep, so deep. So every year, when it comes [the month of] Tammuz, mammash all of us are begging God, please, Master of the World, let me not look at the world even with prophetic eyes. Master of the World…..

I want you to know something very beautiful, just something to think about. You know, in Belz on Shabbos (Saturday) — especially Shabbos mincha (the afternoon prayer service) they daven (prayed) very very late. And at one time, the young spiritual master from Slonim, came to Belz, and the Belzer Rebbe said to him, ‘I want you to read the Torah for Mincha’– it was really dark — so the Slonimer says to the Heligeh (Holy) Belzer Rebbe, ‘It’s so dark, I can’t see anything,’ so the Belzer Rebbe says, ‘I’ll give you my eyes.’


So you know, comes chodesh Tammuz, I say, ‘Master of the World, the world is so dark, I can’t see anything.’

So our holy Rabbis promised us, this is the fixing of seeing. And I want to bless you that God should hear our prayers and give us His eyes.

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