Boating in the Kinneret with Musical Hallel

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Musical "Yartzeit" and Hillula"

in honor of

'Miriam HaNevia

On A Boat on the Kinneret for Women

Nissan 10 

Wednesday March 202013

4:30-6:30 pm


Tehillim – led by the extraordinary musician

Chava Rachel

And very special guests

Dance movement through the letters of the Aleph-Bet

led by Yehudit Goldfarb



led by the beautiful Rebbetzin Miriam Drori of the House of Love and Prayer in Safed

                                      Interactive skit about Miriam's Tambourine led by Rachel Shanzer,director of Hand in Hand Productions

Let us thank HaShem for all the rain in the Kinneret.

Let us thank Miriam the Prophetess for bringing the Well of Water to the Kinneret and honor her on her 'yartzeit'


Meet at 3:45pm in Tiberius at Rosa Cafe (back of Leonardo Hotel) on the Promenade (next to the boat) [7 minute easy walk to the Promenade from the bus station]. Our boat, 'King David,' leaves exactly at 4:30 pm and we need to board by 4:10pm – 20 minutes before sailing – due to the large number of women.

Bring your Tehilllim and water and a 'nosh ' to share with new friends and musical instruments…harps, violins, guitars, shofars, trumpets, etc.. ….we have 10 Congo drums on the boat….so c'mon….get out your dancing shoes and let's sing and dance for Miriam and "Am Israel"

Extra added attraction at 7:30 pm – 10-minute dazzling light show of dancing waters on the Kinneret 

(with time to make the bus back to Jerusalem)

Egged bus schedule (Trip is 2 hrs and 40 minutes):

Jerusalem to Tiberius: 9:30, 10:30, 11:30 am, 12:30 pm. RETURN: Tiberius to Jerusalem:8 pm & 8:45 pm

The boat ride will be 2 hours and costs only 40 NIS.
You must email to reserve and confirm!   0524754492

More wonderful B'H' info coming in Adar



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